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Kevin P.
Kevin P.


Tena Koe. Kei te pehea koe?
Provison of medications, health care advice and all things pharmacy, with a smile and in Te reo if you want.
That’s what Kevin Pewhirangi and his team provide at Horouta Pharmacy in Kaiti.
And while this successful businessman owns and operates his pharmacy, we provide support with providing regular financial reports and business advisory services.

If you need health advice from a Phamacist, contact Kevin:
Phone: 06-868 3700
Corner of De Lautour Rd and Turenne St.

If you need Accounting or Business Advisory services contact us;
phone: 027 6156145 or 06 8671905
email: admin@jba.net.nz

What our clients say:

"Brilliant Communicators"

“James and Lucy are lovely to deal with and are brilliant communicators. The complimentary webinars they provide throughout the year are a valuable resource for our business. As a small local family owned business we really value James' tailor made approach to our business”
Michael Allmark. Wally's Glass. (March 2021)

"Peace of mind."

Jeff - What are three key benefits of having a Business Planning session?
"Peace of mind, having specific goals, clarity of the direction and potential of the business."
Would you recommend a Business Planning session? If so, why?
"Yes, I'd say its an essential tool to ensure success."
Jeff Cornwell. H&S NZ Ltd. (September 2020)

"It’s great that you communicate when you are going to do my work."

“I really appreciate your services. It’s great that you communicate when you are going to do my work and to know that it is in the pipeline to get done.”
Mandi Bramwell. Occupational Therapist. (April 2021)

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