Our unique Momentum coaching Package!

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Being totally honest, the clients that meet with us on a regular basis are the ones that have the best business outcomes.
A once a year meeting after annual accounts is just not enough. A regular get together to combine your business knowledge and skills with our financial expertise to review plans and manage challenges really helps business owners make progress and grow.
The unique Momentum Coaching package that our firm offers includes:
* A two monthly report with review and interpretation of financial numbers.
* A 20 minute phone call to keep you on track to discuss the numbers and help you set new 60day goals.
* Advice and support to manage any issues.
* Includes 2monthly GST return.

If you are interested in this coaching package, contact us;
Phone 06 8671905 or 027 6156145
email: admin@jba.net.nz
website: jba.net.nz

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