Moving to Level 3 & End of Year Accounts

Jba Accountants Gisbourne Contactless DeliveriesAs we move into Alert Level 3, we thought it timely to update everyone on our health and safety procedures for providing a safe and compliant service to our clients through this next stage of the pandemic.

Over the next few weeks of Alert Level 3 our team will continue to be working from home. We are not able to meet face to face but we have found Zoom meetings to be useful and effective. Last month we hosted a business continuity plan webinar on Zoom to help support our clients at this time.

We are still available to talk over the phone and respond by email/txt as normal.

Contact-less Year End Accounts Service

Our first stage for this service has been a short email requesting clients to advise us when they will have their information ready for us to start working on their 2019-2020 accounts. Once confirmed, we’ll provide clients with the Annual Client Questionnaire via an email link to Xero Ask. Clients will then be able to upload their end of year information into our secure portal.

For those clients needing to provide us with hard copy documents we have set up a drop-off box for contact-less receipt of your files outside the front door.

Please call or email us first to arrange drop-off before doing so to ensure your files are collected promptly and according to standard quarantine protocol.

At the time of writing, we are thrilled with the excellent response we have had from our clients in uploading their year end accounts information electronically and using our Annual Client Questionnaire online.

Thank you to everyone who have supported us through this process and helped us to achieve such a great result with our End of Year accounts.

Please call or email us if you need help with completing your 2019-2020 accounts.

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