How to Grow a Flourishing Business

Planting a seed

Next month we are offering a workshop to give Tairawhiti small business owners some guidance and tools for building a flourishing business. This complimentary session will provide you with a road map for creating sustainable growth as well as some great examples of businesses using these techniques today.

A Clear Pathway to Success

We have established a clear pathway to success which we will be sharing with participants in this training workshop. Of the many, many things you can do to help make your business successful we’ve identified seven steps that really will make a huge difference to your outcomes.

As we walk you through our seven steps to success, we will show you how you can identify and implement each of these steps in your business, integrating these actions into your everyday operations. From increasing your customer retention rate to reducing your cost of sales, these are the essential daily key performance indicators you can identify, measure and refine to get the best possible results.

Your Best Practice Business Plan

Another important feature of this session will be looking at best practice and what you need to think about when creating a good quality business plan for your business. These include setting realistic targets, engaging your team and ensuring accountability for your key performance indicators.

This really is the nuts and bolts of what you do, and this session is a great opportunity to work on your business rather than in your business. Sometimes that bird’s eye view of your operations can really highlight previously unseen opportunities and new ideas.

Next Steps

So are you ready to learn some new techniques and skills to get your business flourishing? Join us for this opportunity to get your business working for you, rather than the other way around…

When: 5:30pm, Wednesday, 21st October 2020

Where: 23 Pohutukawa Grove, Lytton West, Gisborne

Cost:   FREE

Register: Email to reserve your place or call 06-867-1905

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