How many hats do you wear?

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How many hats do you wear in your business?
Are you the director? Do you also do the operations of the business, the delivery of products, the admin, the sales and marketing? Many businesses do not have absolute clarity around their team’s defined roles and responsibilities. This often results in owners wearing too many ‘hats’ and being overwhelmed by the number of different tasks they need to perform.

Here at JBA we offer an ‘Organisational Review Service’ where you can work with a professional business advisor to:

  • Gain clarity as to director, manager and team roles
  • Reduce the impact on the business of directors wearing too many ‘hats’
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities that need to be delegated
  • Recognise the role gaps that exist in your business and their impact on your organisation
  • Ensure all team members are clear as to their key responsibilities
  • Develop a structure that you can use visually with your entire team

You will gain time for yourself to concentrate on key activities and revenue generation. It will increase team satisfaction. If this interests you, contact us to book an Organisational Review for your business. Call 027 615 6145 or 06 8671905. email:
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