End of Financial year is here!

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31st March 2022 is the end of the financial year. And it’s nearly here! Here are a few things you can do for your business to get your records in order. On 31st march you will need to;

* Do a stock take of all items for sale in your business and
its value.
* Count all the cash in the till and record the total amount.
* Make sure all items in Xero are reconciled and balances
* Make a list of all the invoices you have sent out, but have
not been paid to you yet, on the date of 31st March.
* Make a list of all the bills that have come in to you , that
you are yet to pay on 31st of March.
* Keep all statements that come in to you from banks,
insurance companies, investment companies etc,
particularly over the next month or so.
Tip: This is just some of the information your accountant will need to do your annual accounts. If you start gathering up this information now it will save you having to hunt for it for it down the track.

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