Step 4 of Building a Better Business

You know what you want from your business; it’s time to plan how to get it. Start by deciding what you want personally from your business. For example, if you need $100,000  a year to cover your living costs and a family holiday, and your overheads are $100,000, then your profit from your business needs to be $200,000. If your current profit margin on your sales income is 50%, then…  Read more

Step 3 of Building a Better Business

Defining exactly where you are now is crucial to building a better business. This step is often overlooked, but you must know your starting point to create the best road to success. It sounds so obvious, but many business owners plan for the future without knowing where they are now. Answer the following questions honestly to help define where you are now (warts and all): 1. How aligned are the owners and…  Read more

Step 2 of Building a Better Business

    Its amazing what we, as humans, don’t even know that we don’t know. Being open to change and new learning is a crucial step to building a better business. New learning opportunities are everywhere, and in this digital world, there’s simply no excuse not to learn. Consider how many new things a five-year-old learns each day. Children enthusiastically embrace the world of possibility and the desire to learn.…  Read more

Step 1 of Building a Better Business

What  does a better business look like to you? Before you can start building a better business, you need to define success. Be clear on exactly what you want from your business. Remember, your business is there to serve you, not the other way around. Life is too short to be stuck doing things we don’t enjoy. The average person spends 40,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Make the…  Read more

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