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JBA Website. We are here to help businesses. We have worked hard on our website over the last few years and it is now a HUGE resource for business owners with relevant up to date information. Check it out! Website: jba.net.nz Here’s what you can click on and look at in just one section of our website: Under: RESOURCES FOR YOU 1. Covid 19 Resources – access to over 26…  Read more

The Three Freedoms of JBA

“The Three Freedoms” in business. So what freedom is the most important for you, in your business? 1. Peace of mind freedom – no major worries on particular business issues. 2. Financial freedom – not being in debt and having enough finances to do what you want, or 3. Time freedom – not being tied to your business so that you can’t do other things you want to do. JBA…  Read more

Our unique Momentum coaching Package!

Being totally honest, the clients that meet with us on a regular basis are the ones that have the best business outcomes. A once a year meeting after annual accounts is just not enough. A regular get together to combine your business knowledge and skills with our financial expertise to review plans and manage challenges really helps business owners make progress and grow. The unique Momentum Coaching package that our…  Read more

Five steps to better cash flow

Five steps to better cash flow Need a hand managing cash flow? You’re not alone. The key is getting your invoicing right, by invoicing customers as soon as possible and using tools like Xero’s invoice reminders to move payments along. That said, there are a few other simple rules you can apply to manage your cash flow and get your invoices paid even faster: Keep your books accurate and up…  Read more

End of Financial year is here!

31st March 2022 is the end of the financial year. And it’s nearly here! Here are a few things you can do for your business to get your records in order. On 31st march you will need to; * Do a stock take of all items for sale in your business and its value. * Count all the cash in the till and record the total amount. * Make sure…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Support update – 2022

  Weekly Update 1.jpg Confused about what support measures you can access? This article can help you understand what support measures are still available for your business. Now is the time to get your records in good shape for end of year tax return. Measures to help support businesses adversely affected by COVID-19 were introduced in waves. Over time, some measures were changed or added to. We put together this…  Read more

Compliance Foundations for new businesses

Have you thought about the compliance needs of your business? We’ll explain the legal, accounting and tax requirements and how you set the right foundations. The article gives good start up advice for start up businesses: Setting up the compliance foundations To trade as a business, you need to meet the right compliance requirements. It’s certainly not the most exciting part of creating a business, but setting up the right…  Read more

Covid Update Jan 2022

  With the whole country going into Red traffic light system due to omicron, JBA is now operating as follows: All client meetings are via zoom and communications via phone call. (so we are still fully operational) If hardcopy information needs to be dropped off to us (or to you), we will do that by non-contact method.  Read more

Winner of the JBA Christmas Hamper

Diane And Kevin Taylor   For those who logged in to do the Three Freedoms quiz and entered the draw for the Christmas hamper, the winner has been drawn and the winner is: Diane and Kevin Taylor at Survey Gisborne, Palmerston Road. Congratulations! Enjoy the hamper. Pictured here in their office, they provide professional registered land surveyors and a range of survey services. Check out their website here: https://www.surveygis.co.nz/ Heads-up that we will be…  Read more

Back to packed lunches

    “Join me for a meal at the cafe’, the business will cover it!” Well, maybe the business may cover it, but often (sadly) it will not. We see people claiming for meal expenses at times when actually it does not follow Inland Revenues (IRD) rules and we are simply not allowed to approve it. And, recently IRD have tightened their rules on meal claims, even more. Inland revenue…  Read more

Buying a ute for your business?

  Buying or selling a new business vehicle? There are some benefits to having a chat with your accountant before making a large purchase or sale for your business. Some points to consider; 1. Do you really have enough cash in the business to be able to make the purchase? Do you know what bills will be coming in, in the next few weeks and months? Do you have the…  Read more

Running your business at Alert Level 4

Coronavirus Background Got questions about paying employees, operating your business, and other employment matters while New Zealand responds to the latest COVID-19 outbreak? MyHR’s rolling update provides some answers. By Nick Stanley19 August 2021 We’ll be updating this page with questions we receive from our members about paying employees, operating your business, and other employment matters while New Zealand responds to the latest COVID-19 outbreak. To look at updated versions…  Read more

Directors: Know your role

  Directors: Know your role Being a good director can help your company run well, achieve its goals, and maintain a good reputation. As a company director, you have obligations to your company and shareholders, responsibilities under the Companies Act 1993 and obligations under an ethical code of conduct. The Institute of Directors in New Zealand has a code of practice for directors and encourages company boards to adopt their own codes…  Read more

Kindness as a Business trend

Kindness was the byword of 2020’s lockdown. As the community faced a crisis together, a sense of goodwill and generosity extended to small local businesses, with a push to buy local and support shops, cafes and others affected by the pandemic. However, according to findings in Xero’s Small business trends 2021, many small business owners underestimate the value of kindness and community support. Interestingly, on our own facebook posts, the…  Read more

Growing your business knowledge

My name is Lucy Burn, Client Services Manager. I did a bookkeeping course to better understand what James does. What I learnt most from that, is that in business and tax compliance, it is easy to get it wrong. We have seen some businesses claiming for wrong things and not claiming for what they can. And then they are open to penalties. It really is that Business owners don’t know…  Read more

How good is your after sales service?

Looking after the customers you’ve already sold to, will not only increase their satisfaction levels but also makes them more likely to buy again and brings you more customers by referral. Does your after-sales service need a polish? When someone has just bought from you, that’s a golden opportunity to start building a customer relationship. Take advantage of being top-of-mind and see where it can take you – and ensure…  Read more

The Importance of having a Business Coach

The importance of having a business coach It can be lonely at the top when you’re running your own business. As the owner manager, the buck stops with you and that can result in all the pressures of financial management, people management, strategy and business performance ending up on your shoulders. To ease this pressure, it’s helpful to have a business coach. A coach can look at your business objectively…  Read more

Our eco journey begins

  Our new EV Sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions (footprint) have become buzz words as our country grabbles with changes as recommended by the draft report of the Climate Change Commission and our obligations under the Paris Climate Change Agreement.  As a business owner who wants to do the right thing we have looked at ways that our business operation can be more sustainable and be the first local…  Read more

Momentum Coaching

Helping you move your business along, with regular reviews through the year to stay on track. Allows you to take back control. You will understand your numbers and have clear goals to achieve in your business. We do this by: Helping you set your 90-day goals. 2 monthly GST return and filing included. Regular reporting of your numbers with twenty minute phone call to ensure your understand the numbers. Advice…  Read more

Where are we with Covid-19?

Here in New Zealand we are most fortunate to have hardly any community spread of Covid-19. We are not taking that for granted though and are trying our best to reduce chances of it coming here; We have the Covid-19 tracer app and login wall scan for you to use on arrival. We have hand sanitizer that you can use on arrival and when leaving our premises. Please postpone your…  Read more

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