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“Join me for a meal at the cafe’, the business will cover it!”

Well, maybe the business may cover it, but often (sadly) it will not. We see people claiming for meal expenses at times when actually it does not follow Inland Revenues (IRD) rules and we are simply not allowed to approve it. And, recently IRD have tightened their rules on meal claims, even more.
Inland revenue consider it as follows: “Food and meals are usually private and domestic expenditure.”
So when can you claim for food costs?
“A narrow exception exists for extra expenditure on food where the requirements of your business impose extra meal costs. You may be allowed to deduct the extra expense where you are required to work in a remote location or unusual hours.”

Businesses owners can check out when they can claim deductions in the full article downloadable on the IRD website here:

..and in the meantime you may just need to get up that little bit earlier to make that packed lunch sandwich once again.


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